A new step towards the future : A great step indeed

Artificial Life Forms, Artificial Human Organs, Humanoids, etc; the science is progressing and we are witnessing a lot of new and exceptional innovations these days. I think we are witnessing one of the greatest times in Human history by witnessing such inventions. The Human Gnome Project , The Organ Printing Technology, The Technological Singularity all of these terms are being discussed with more and more enthusiasm among the intelligent communities. And recently we heard that a Self Replicating Synthetic Bacterial Cell was made by the Craig Venter Institute.This month another great step towards future was invented and indeed it’s a greater step towards the future, the scientists were succeed in evolving basic intelligence in artificial life forms.

By being able to create functional brain equivalent at this level is a greater achievement towards the future of a wide range of ideas and technologies. The research can be potentially helpful in evolving intelligent robots, it might even change the future of computing -with minimal instruction sets we can create highly complex brain like processors (of-course it will take time)- and the same invention can be the basis for evolving human brain like artificially intelligent machines.

Read more about the invention from the link Below.

However this invention is still in it’s very basic stage, and we can hope for a better future in the near future. Kudos for the scientists who worked hard behind this complex project.

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