Another HTML/CSS/PSD template for Business websites

Urban Builders

A simple website design template for small business and construction companies. The design can be modified, adapted or used in anyway you wan’t; no link back or attribution to the original author is necessary.



HTML/CSS version of the template

You can download the html/css version of the template below.


About the Author: Deepak Dharan Padmini

Passionate Geek specialized in Information Security and Web Technologies who spends his weekends building and testing mini robots..

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  • Hello, Deepak Dharan Padmini.

    Well it’s a wonderful webite, Awesome.. anyway thanks a lot for sharing it…:-)

    i’d like to ask U, do U mind, hope not.. i’m making a small website, but i still get confused about the coding, ( CSS, HTML and JAVASCRIPT).. do U have any reccommeded video tutorial making website from the start to finish, and the program that i’d like to learn is Dreaweaver, i’m newbie on that program.. any software which is simple that u use reguraly..


    • Hello Armansyah,

      If you are looking forward to quickly jump on to the web world with a new website you are planning to update regularly; then I’d rather suggest you to have look at some Content Management Systems, There are some very easy to use, free and open source Content Management Systems available, you don’t even need to be aware of HTML, CSS or JS to create and maintain a fabulous website. I’d suggest you to try WordPress which is very easy to learn and use.

      However to start learning the basics of Web Development and Design Have a look at http://www.tizag.com/ , http://www.webmonkey.com/ and http://www.w3schools.com/; they have a great range of tutorials and articles that will help you get started.

      All the best.

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