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Five Finest Free WordPress Themes


Content Management Systems are very useful and easy to use when it comes to blogging or starting a personal website; Even with no knowledge about Web Development and Design, a person can start a good looking blog or site. However when it comes to using content management systems; WordPress is one of the leading open source content management system most of the bloggers prefer. This post introduces a few finest themes I have found while searching for [...]


World is no more closed !

Most of the people confuse Open Source movement as something confined to the software and related areas, but in reality Open Source is not only the making of a license free software world, it’s beyond that. Let’s see how Open Source ideas are taken into fields other than computing and software. There are several Projects and Communities motivated by the Open Source ideology. Like Open Source Hardware and BlinkenLights Project. These things shows us how [...]


A new step towards the future : A great step indeed

Artificial Life Forms, Artificial Human Organs, Humanoids, etc; the science is progressing and we are witnessing a lot of new and exceptional innovations these days. I think we are witnessing one of the greatest times in Human history by witnessing such inventions. The Human Gnome Project , The Organ Printing Technology, The Technological Singularity all of these terms are being discussed with more and more enthusiasm among the intelligent communities. And recently we heard that [...]


Simple things to save your Children online

E-Safety is one of the most important and emerging aspects of Internet Security these days; With more than 60% children in the European countries use the internet for learning and other day today activities; it is more likely that they can be in trouble online. These are some simple precautions to ensure your child is safe on Internet.