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Enterprise Enlightenment!

Computers and ITES (Information Communication Technology Enabled Services) are essential for every enterprise, no matter how big or small it is. Few years ago the only choice for IT infrastructure was to either run legitimate versions of proprietary software or use the pirated versions. But now Linux and other open source software are slowly dominating the business world, with their low cost high quality products. A recent survey revealed more than 50% of the web [...]


Mount your Linux Partitions in Windows!

Do you have all your movies and songs stored in Linux Partitions ? and do you want to use them while logged in Windows ? Here is a quick easy solution. Ext2FsdA free program that allows you to mount your Linux partitions in Windows and have read/write capabilities. FeaturesExt2Fsd is an open source Linux ext2/ext3 file system driver for Windows systems (NT/2K/XP/VISTA, X86/AMD64), which enables you to mount your Linux partitions in windows like native [...]


Developer Manpages in Ubuntu

Manpages are very important for developers. Ubuntu doesn’t come with Developer manpages pre-installed. So here is the simple way to install them in your machine. Happy Coding! How to install Developer Manpages ? Open Your Terminal and type sudo apt-get install manpages-dev .Make sure that you have an active Internet Connection. Visit to browse manpages online


DosBox : An MS-DOS Simulator for Linux

Wish to play your old M$-DOS games again ? You can use DOSBox to run your favorite vintage DOS programs in your Linux Machine. DOSBox DOSBox is a free sotware which simulates MS-DOS. It is intended especially for use with old computer games and programs.DOSBox does not rely on any Virtualization techniques it is a full CPU emulator, capable of running DOS programs that require the CPU to be in either real mode or protected [...]