I presented myself two New Gadgets!

The last few months I was living with limited storage and some cheap headphones, So I decided to give myself a gift and bought an external hard drive and a head phone.

Let’s talk about the External Drive first. The drive I gifted myself was a Samsung story station 1.5 TB, it is very quite and fast; the funny thing is that it comes with a volume-knob like thing in the front which is used to turn the device on and off and to adjust the brightness of it’s indicator LED.

Samsung Story Station 1.5 Hard Disk

The hard drive’s build quality is excellent. Top and sides are brushed aluminium (which looks excellent), front, back and bottom are made of mat finish plastic. It is smaller than I expected, it looks and feels very good, the noise is very low and the response time and copy rates are excellent (I didn’t use any standard bench marking software to measure the exact speed; however it’s quicker than some of the other external drives I used, I have already moved about 200 GB of content from my laptop). It comes with a power cord which is of enough length, but the USB cable it comes with is inadequate (1 meter) if you want to work from a little more distance (With my laptop I found it annoying). Apart from that I haven’t found any serious troubles with the hard drive.

The heating up of hard drives are one of the Major Problems with most of the external hard drives; but with plenty of ventilation space in the bottom and back and the added advantage the aluminum case provides the hard disk is cool even after 3 days continuous usage (still it’s running and it is cool).

The Story station also comes with a software which enables ‘Real Time’ back up or we can setup a scheduled backup; The software it comes with also provides an optional SecretZone virtual drive setup to help you encrypt your data. For about 80+ quids it is a value for money and I would recommend it for anyone looking to expand their storage and moving for a basic Terra-byte upgrade (There are cheaper options available from Western Digital and some other companies; but I also consider the aesthetics of the gadgets I buy).

The other gadget I bought was a Sony MDR-V150 Headphone. I found it an absolutely proper proper (repeated intentionally) headphone for the value (9.49 Pounds); the sound quality this headphone brings is excellent (Even some sounds I have never heard before were present in some tracks). There are so many headphones with much better sound quality however for this price the sound quality and the responsiveness of this headphone is excellent. The cable length is very good and adequate for most purposes and settings.

Sony MDR-V150

The headphone also comes with an 1/4 and 1/8 audio jacket connectors which is handy if you want to operate it with midi devices or DJ sets (the headphone is actually produced for this purpose). Even though it is built for monitoring type of usage, even after 2-3 continuous hours usage it is still comfortable to use (keep in mind; I think it is particularly suitable for those with small ears). I can’t find any troubles with this headphone so far, especially bearing the price in mind.

I bought both the items from Amazon-UK and it would be unfair if I don’t talk about the packaging, the products came in a small cartons and most of the materials used for packaging was recyclable. Kudos to Amazon for caring our environment

Anyway I am happy with both my new gadgets  and my Sony Headphone is now rocking with Richard Thompson (playing from my Story Station)


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