Simple things to save your Children online

I recently had a conversation with one of my colleagues, he told me that after his grand daughter was playing a community based online game; he found her so desperate and sad; I have advised him to monitor her internet activities and later it turned out that she was being bullied by some other person online.

I then decided to have a look into the statistics of online activities of young people; especially those who are under 18. The astonishing fact is that the current rate of usage of Internet by the young people and children are very high. However how many of the parents are aware that what their children are doing online ? Are they secure online ?

Research Indicates that the possibility of children being in risk and danger while online is very high as there are different personalities out there in the online community, Racists, Bullies, Sex-predators and several other threats. But with several simple regulations in the Internet usage of your children; you can ensure their safety while they are enjoying the benefits of Internet.

Let them know about the possible threats

Children are usually unaware of the possible threats so talk to them about the threats and risks online and ask them to talk to you or someone they trust if they are encountering any such problems.

Monitor what your child is doing online

It is very important to ensure what your child is doing online, Make sure you stay with them and monitor what they are doing whenever it is possible. This will ensure your kid is not scattering around in the Internet and it helps to ensure that he/she is on the right track.

Personal Information Sharing

Ask your child not to share any personal Information in the Internet; however in most of the cases the child have to share the personal information while creating online accounts or memberships, this can often lead them to confusion. Try to tell them what can information be shared where it can be shared and with whom it can be shared.

Ask them to share their online experiences

Ask your child to explain the online experiences she/he encountered, ask them how useful it was and encourage them to use the good sites and suggest some sites that might be of their interest.


Firefox is a relatively secure and safe browser, encourage children to use Firefox, install add ons like Ad Block Plus and other software that might help you prevent unwanted ads and pop-ups; it is often the unwanted ads that attract children to many of the malicious sites.

E-Safety Software

There are several E-Safety Software available on the internet, some free and some commercial find a suitable one for you and install it on your machine.

Engage your children in some healthy Internet activities, such as showing them how to Use Google Maps to find roots or show them how to use Wikipedia to find Information, etc. The precautions said above may seem simple and not so important ones; however our children’s safety is of prime importance and always prevention is better than cure.

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