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Simple things to save your Children online

E-Safety is one of the most important and emerging aspects of Internet Security these days; With more than 60% children in the European countries use the internet for learning and other day today activities; it is more likely that they can be in trouble online. These are some simple precautions to ensure your child is safe on Internet.


Surf Canyon : Real-time Personalised Search addon for Firefox

Most of the average Internet users spent their valuable time searching for the information. If we can improve the efficiency of our searching, that means we can save a lot of time. Here is an add-on (works with FireFox & IE) that helps you find more personalized information faster and easier. Surf Canyon Surf Canyon is a browser extension that personalizes search engine results as you search! Available for download as an add-on for FireFox [...]


Ubuntu : Installing Flash player

Flash player is one of the most important plugin that every Netizen needs for his everyday life. So Here is how to install a flash player in Ubuntu. Installing Flash PlayerThere are several ways to install flash support in Ubuntu, here we are discussing two relatively easy methods This is the easiest way to install flash player in Ubuntu, Just type in sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree ,this will fetch and install the plugin from internet [...]


Essential Firefox Addons

Everyone is talking about Firefox these days, I thought I must share some of the best add-ons that I use regularly with Firefox.So have a look at them and start customizing your Firefox so that you can do most of the things without leaving Firefox. Adblock Plus – Tired with ads ? then go for this Firefox add-on. Adblock Plus enables you to block ads.If you wish to enable ads for a particular site then [...]