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‘Demystifying Google’ – Search efficiently

'Demystifying Google' - Search efficiently

Google is the most advanced Internet search engine of our time. How many of us know that google search has more than that we think it can offer ? Here are some small tips for those who don’t know how to search efficiently.Google has the ability to accept some predefined search queries for providing efficient search results. I’m going to discus some of those Special Commands and I’ll explain each command briefly ,you can use [...]


Problem accessing a specific website ?

Cant access a certain website ? looking for a solution for your problem ? there are several reasons for this problem. The reasons can be the DNS cache in your system may not be updated properly, or it can be a problem with your Service provider’s DNS cache. It is really annoying when it happens with one of your favorite web sites. However there are a few things you can do to solve this problem.


Making BSNL EVDO work in Ubuntu

A friend of mine recently told me that she is not using Linux because she can’t configure her BSNL EV-DO in her Linux Machine. See how I resolved the issue (She is using an Ubuntu Machine, so it is obvious that this tutorial is indented for those users with Ubuntu 8.04 or more). So how do we do it ? Plug the EV-DO to your USB port and then open your terminal (for those who [...]


VirtualBox : Fix "Spawning Session" problem

After installing some Ubuntu updates, I noticed that I couldn’t start any Virtual Machine in Virtual Box.It shows a “spawning session” dialog which stuck at 0% forever. Solution for the problem If you can’t close or terminate your VirtualBox program which is stuck with the ‘Spawning Session’ problem, just open the terminal and force kill the VirtualBox type sudo killall VirtualBox in the terminal Now you need to recompile the kernel module for VirtualBox, It’s [...]