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Simple things to save your Children online

E-Safety is one of the most important and emerging aspects of Internet Security these days; With more than 60% children in the European countries use the internet for learning and other day today activities; it is more likely that they can be in trouble online. These are some simple precautions to ensure your child is safe on Internet.


Cheap & Safe Biometric Technology : Voice Verification

As more and more people and organisations depend on computers to store and save their important documents and data, there is an increasing need for security, the establishment of an end-to-end trust is highly relevant and necessary for the success of businesses and organisations relying on transactions over networks, it increases the need for more adequate user security technologies. This article intend to introduce, a relative cost effective, easy to use and deploy biometric technology. [...]


Computer & Information Security Related Links

I have found some of these links while searching for security topics in the Internet. It might be useful for some of you. Computer Network Security internet2 security related stuff network and computer security MIT OCW course-ware open source security testing manual it has a detailed syllabus and informative documents (pdf) on each section the name says it all network security guide computer network security and related things [...]